Chrisk Kresser and Robb Wolf

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Just a few things Chris Kresser uncovers inside:

  • Why some people lose weight – and others gain weight – on Paleo
  • How to supercharge your fat-burning capacity
  • Why some people develop new health issues when starting on Paleo
  • How to fix your gut and get the most from your Paleo diet
  • Ten Paleo-friendly herbs you can use to stimulate digestion – in your own kitchen
  • How to tell if you’re eating too many veggies
  • What “FODMAPS” and “GAPS” are, and how they can help you thrive
  • What to do if you have high or low blood sugar
  • How blood sugar imbalances affects your brain – and how to reverse it with food
  • How to prevent paleo-related hormone imbalances, skin breakouts or mood disorders
  • The three critical phases of detoxification; and why some people skip two of them
  • How to personalize your paleo diet approach
  • How to get support and make the diet work for you
  • And lots more…

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