Steady Energy and Fewer Cravings with AdaptaBoost


When your energy level is high, you feel like you can take on the world. You whip through your to-do list and you don’t even notice the pastry in the coffee shop window. New choices feel easy. You roll with life’s punches.

But what about when you’re tired and hungry? When your cellular power plants are clogged and sluggish, it seems the clouds roll in. Your mood not only darkens, but you find yourself cutting your workout short and giving in to the cookies at the grocery store. You revert to old, familiar habits that require less energy.

It’s no wonder that efficient energy production, steady energy levels, and reduced cravings are critical to a successful transition to a Paleo-powered life.

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Promote Steady Energy Levels

The typical western diet can leave you less responsive to insulin, which compromises your ability to get the energy you need from the food you eat. This insulin resistance can also effect body composition as your body turns sugars into fat instead of burning them for energy. AdaptaBoost includes ingredients trusted for hundreds of yearsand shown by modern science to help your body regain healthy levels of insulin sensitivity. Other ingredients support your body’s natural glucose uptake ability. Together with smart food choices and regular meals, AdaptaBoost promotes a feeling of steady energy with fewer and less extreme energy dips.

Support Clean, Efficient Energy Production

Just like an engine or a power plant, your body’s energy producing systems not only require fuel, but also need maintenance and detoxification to be able to efficiently utilize that fuel. AdaptaBoost contains an array of carefully selected powerful antioxidants and nutrients that help to keep your cellular energy production running as cleanly and smoothly as possible. Without the proper balance of nutrients, your body may produce less energy, or be running at less than full capacity. This is especially true as you transition to a new diet that introduces a new balance of nutrients to a complex system.

Reduce Cravings and Burn Fat

The typical Paleo diet is often lower in carbohydrate than the Standard American Diet and so-called “heart-healthy” low-fat and vegetarian diets. If you’re transitioning to Paleo from one of these diets, you may experience energy dips and strong carb cravings because you’re not metabolizing and burning fat efficiently. AdaptaBoost contains key ingredients that play an important role in moving fats through your system – from digestion to absorption of fat-soluble vitamins to effectively burning fat as a primary energy source.

  • Chris Kresser
    formulated by Chris Kresser

    While I prefer that patients get nutrients from food when possible, when it is necessary to supplement, it is important to be selective and specific. The Paleologix line is extremely specific. It is for a certain person, at a very specific time, and for a finite period.

  • Robb Wolf
    formulated by Robb Wolf

    I noticed that some people seemed to backslide initially even with better eating. I quickly learned that quality digestive support could be a lifesaver. Paleologix offers that basic support.

AdaptaBoost is Part 3 of the Complete Paleo Support System

Ready to Transition to a Clean Burning, Energy Producing, High Performance Body?

Now you will benefit from the same unique, targeted combination of nutrients, herbs, and whole foods that Robb Wolf’s and Chris Kresser’s clients have used to kick their progress into high gear. Become Paleo-powered quickly, without the typical issues that cause many people to fall short of their goals.

The Paleo Transition Success Pack

  • Designed to trust and promote your body’s natural abilities
  • Naturally-sourced herbs, nutrients, and whole foods
  • Formulated based on the experience and success of real people in a clinical setting
  • Over 60 hand-selected, expertly combined natural ingredients
  • Proprietary Paleo superfood blend – whole food nutrients in every serving
  • Formulations that offer multi-directional support to critical cellular processes
  • Complete system addresses all major causes of struggle and failure

The only supplement available that contains a specific blend of Paleo ‘super foods’ – provides a daily, natural whole-food foundation to your transition to the Paleo diet.

The Paleologix Support System Chart: Clear > Digest > Boost

Crush the Three Most Common Obstacles to Paleo Diet Success

With the Paleo Success System you’ll conquer the biggest roadblocks to Paleo success:

  1. No visible improvement due to impaired detox capacity
  2. Disrupted digestion and stomach upset
  3. Sluggish fat burning with cravings and energy dips.


1. Don’t let impaired detox capacity prevent you from seeing positive progress.

Stay Motivated By Seeing and Feeling Tangible Progress More Quickly.

Support the five foundational energy and detoxification systems on which your success depends.

Years of exposure to toxins and eating foods your body is not designed to tolerate can leave your detoxification pathways clogged and your cellular power plants sluggish. Your body may be resistant to change at a cellular level, masking your progress and delaying your results. This leaves room for discouragement and frustration to creep in and drag you down.

AdaptaClear contains the precursors, nutrients and cofactors that promote and enhance clean, efficient detoxification, methylation and cellular repair.


2. Don’t let digestive upset derail your Paleo transition.

Enjoy worry-free digestion despite major dietary changes.

As you transition to a Paleo-powered diet, it is critical to simultaneously repair your gut and ease the burden of digesting new foods.

Of all the reasons people fail to stick with a new way of eating, one of the biggest is upset digestion due to the sudden change in diet. Almost no one is starting out with a perfectly healthy digestive system. When you add a big change in diet, it can cause upset, indigestion, and worse.

With a combination of over 20 carefully selected nutrients, herbs, and whole foods, The AdaptaGest duo of formulas, AdaptaGest Core and AdaptaGest Flex both help to ensure that stomach upset doesn’t keep you from reaching your Paleo and health goals.


3. Don’t let sluggish fat burning make you crave sugar or need stimulants.

Feel Energized, Strong and Focused.

If you are not metabolizing and burning fat efficiently – if you are not getting the energy you need from fat in your new low carb diet – you’ll feel energy dips and crave the foods your body is more accustomed to getting its energy from – carbohydrates.

AdaptaBoost contains key ingredients that play an important role in moving fats through your system – from digestion to absorption of fat-soluble vitamins to effectively burning fat as a primary energy source.


The Paleologix Supplement Set

The Paleo Support System

The Paleologix Support System provides the nutritional support you need to transition to a clean burning, energy producing, high performance body.


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